New to The Boardwalk

Welcome to The Boardwalk!

What you are seeing is the next phase in our forums, and hopefully the beginning of a new and useful form of social media!

Our previous incarnation, The Atlantic Forums, was first designed in April 2020 with two main purposes in mind. First, it was a technical support and computer discussion forum for customers of Atlantic Computing Services, allowing access to Atlantic technicians and other customers so that easy solutions could be obtained without involved service calls, and so the latest news about hardware and software could be reviewed. Second, as this was the start of the pandemic, it featured social and off-topic boards where all people, not just customers, could socialize as best they could in the absence of face-to-face interaction.

Over time, it was clear that the social boards were far more popular than the technical ones, so in 2021, we decided to emphasize that function. We contracted with a number of services to publicize TAF as an alternative to the chaotic social media scene.

Now, in 2022, it's time to take the next step. We want to be your boardwalk: a gathering place for relaxed, like-minded individuals who are looking for a vacation from the everyday aggravation of Twitter, Facebook, Quora, and other platforms. We're warm, laid-back, and informal. So we're transitioning into exactly that: The Boardwalk.

Note that a boardwalk is free to walk on...and we're retaining that. This isn't a commercial venture. We're not trying to make any money on this at all. There won't be any ads, and we're not trying to sell anything. (And you'll be told well before any of that changes.) We're doing this because we want to create our own social media that's a little more thoughtful, and a little less stressful.

So here's what is changing...
  • We have a new team. In the past, TAF was pretty much a one-man show, with Scooter running it all. He's still in charge, but now there's a moderation team of seven others to help with the administration. You can see who's on by clicking on The Team, under Members on the index page.
  • We have a new look. In addition to the new name, we are changing the look to be a bit more fun and adding some new forums. This will be rolled out a bit at a time, so expect some changes to keep occurring...
  • We're independent. We are ending our formal affiliation with Atlantic Computing Services. Other than that company being our host, we no longer have any official ties to them or any commercial venture. Of course, we still recommend them if you are looking for computer services in central Maryland.
  • Admittance is limited. You can read all of the unrestricted forums here on The Boardwalk - in fact, we encourage potential members to read us first and find out what we're all about. In order to register, though, you'll need a code from one of the mod team.
  • Publicity is limited. We'll no longer be working with promotional services - everything you hear about The Boardwalk will be word-of-mouth. This allows us to maintain a stress-free environment, and put the emphasis on good content and interaction.
If you have questions - and I mean about pretty much anything here - please visit our extensive FAQ!