I don’t mind saying that between the weather and the pandemic, this is starting to get to me. I hate this feeling of indefinite hold – nothing is in the now, and everything is in the future. Match that with existential dread and it’s just, well, not good. At this point, it is going to take a huge effort to get myself going again, even once I have the vaccine and I’m able to actually do things again.

Kind of a bummer for a first status update, but there you go.

Binocular Vision!


Just had my second cataract removed yesterday, and the bandage removed this afternoon.

It’s strange enough getting me eyes to work together again (for example, I ‘see’ my telephone screen as being slightly convex). The really strange thing is that my vision tests as 20/20! Of course, my artificial lenses can’t focus on anything close, so I’ve picked up a few pairs of OOTC readers.

In a few weeks my vision should have stabilized, so I may end up with some sort of gradients, but maybe not.

We’ll see how it all works out.